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Digital Darwinism, Evan I. Shwartz

Digital Darwinism, Evan I. Shwartz


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Don't let the rapid evolution of the Internet economy leave your business extinct before its time. Here are the seven key strategies you need to keep your company alive, growing, and profitable. The world of Web commerce is today's fastest changing business landscape--and companies that thrive in this cutthroat economic arena need to be smarter, faster, more innovative, and more adaptable than ever before. Natural selection is already occurring, weeding out the start-ups and online ventures that fail to keep pace with evolving technology and customer needs. In Digital Darwinism , Evan I. Schwartz provides an unprecedented look inside the highly competitive world of e-commerce, and distills seven critical strategies that Web-based businesses need to follow in order to survive in what is fast becoming a multi-trillion-dollar online marketplace. Using entertaining, in-depth case studies of companies that have used surprising strategies to win customer loyalty and turn a profit, Schwartz explores why Web-based businesses succeed or fail and shows why more traditional businesses need to evolve along with the Web--or risk going the way of the dinosaurs. Drawing lessons from well-known consumer ventures such as Priceline and E*Trade, as well as business-to-business start-ups such as Instill and Band-X, Schwartz defines the pressing issues for all companies, such as online branding, creating the best package deals for your customers, making the most of your marketing affiliates, and--most importantly--how to integrate Web commerce into every aspect of your business. His seven strategies give you the nuts-and-bolts information you need to grow and stay one step ahead of the competition, whether you're launching a new Web-based venture, retooling a global enterprise, or simply looking for creative ways to supplement an existing business online. With its cutting-edge analysis and concrete advice--including a series of "Executive Survival Guides"-- Digital Darwinism is a must-have resource for anyone, from novice entrepreneur to corporate CEO, who hopes to succeed in the new Web economy.

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