gentle was born out of a love of vintage and secondhand. this has manifested itself in two main areas of focus for gentle: vintage and pre-loved objects for the home, and secondhand books.

gentle vintage

it was the thrill of collecting objects with cultural and personal histories that culminated into this gentle shop's eclectic collection. each object offered in the shop carries with it a story and design history.

there is so much beauty already existing in the world—and we endeavour to celebrate that.

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gentle books

gentle books aims to build a circular book economy and nurture the community of readers here in Hong Kong. a women-led business founded by book-lovers, we believe that books don’t belong in landfill - books deserve to be read!

gentle books is a social enterprise that commits 20% of its profits to literacy and education-based NGOs. 

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donating 20%

this 2024 calendar year, gentle books is donating 20% of book sales to our ngo partner, EmpowerU, an education platform providing online and offline training to migrant workers and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

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