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gentle vintage

vintage blue and white enamel bucket

vintage blue and white enamel bucket

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sometimes a bucket is the best workhorse of the house. it can store practical things like your kitchen spoons, but it can also be used to store flowers, succulents, and more.

what we currently know as enamelware was developed in Germany, in the early 16th century, as a safe, non-metallic coating that could be used in cookware to prevent metallic tastes, rust from entering food, as well as being an easier surface to clean with. enamel itself, has a much longer, and older history. blue and white speckled enamel in particular, gained prominence in the America and quickly began a staple colour for campware.

Ø15 cm widest area, H13cm

blue speckled enamel bucket with white interior, and wooden handle

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